Thursday, February 16, 2012

Douglas Hannat

Douglas Hannat fashion show, I was in the backstage with two Chinese modls. They are all the new face in Teng Teng and Sissi. 
I like the background they merchandised for the show, all the leaves and lights are prefect. They hair and make up more like 60s. That make me remember the movie 《 The Flowers of War 》 from Yimou Zhang.   Designer used houndstooth fabric in the dress make the dress looks more vintage, The color designer chooses for this season is simple, easy. 
I am thankful to give the chance to let me in the show and I really enjoy it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3.1 Philip Lim

3.1 Philip Lim is always be the one of my favorite show, it is so elegant and never make the mistake when you going to outside or party choose the Philip Lim will always be the best decision.
I love the detail they cut for the clothes and the shoes, also the black and white pants it is so gorgeous.  The detail and hand made is so detail exquisite in the dress. The high heel is sexy, comfortable. Philip Lim he always design for elegant. I like how they decorate belt on the blazers.
In thw backstage I saw three of Chinese Models, Xiaowen Qu, Lina zhou and Ssssi.
By the way, happy Valentine's day for all the models, designer, photographer and my friends!
Enjoy your day and keep smile.